Hookmark links no longer working in Todoist?

It’s safe to say I use Hookmark links in Todoist more than in any other app. But recently they quit working. The links appear to be there, with an underline, and turn a cursor into the gloved hand and finger indicative of an active link, but clicking the link does nothing. Hookmark links pasted into there apps (eg. Notes, Tana) behave fine. And URLs copied from Safari and pasted into Todoist are workable links. But Hookmark links in Todoist no longer linked to the linked file. This seems to have happened recently and no Hookmark links in Todoist–whether created recently or quite some while ago–are working.

Welcome to Hookmark, @Crystalliere .

Sorry about this issue.

I just tried it and I can reproduce the problem. Debugging shows clicking the link does not invoke Hookmark to open the link.

It seems somehow the link is blocked, might be for security reason. I can’t find the settings for this. Is there any security setting for this?

Thank you

I have the same issue - but only in the macOS app. The links work fine in the web app.

It seems all non-http(s) links can’t be opened in the macOS app. I just sent a report to Todoist support.

Thank you

I got the reply from Todoist. This issue has been fixed in version 8.13.0.

I tried it and it works.

Thank you all for reporting this problem!