Hookmark-Links aren't saved

Hi there,

I can’t get Hookmark to work properly.

I’m using the latest version 5.1.3.
Permissions are set.

The Problem:
The message windows says „Hookmark - Copy Link succesful“ on file1 and „Hookmark - Hook to copied link successful“ on file2. Also the Hookmark-window for file2 says „Hooked to file1“.
But: this isn’t stored. If I invoke the Hookmark-window for file2 again, there is no hook. Also there has nothing changed in the Hookmark-folder.

What I tried so far:

  • restart my mac
  • delete Hookmark-App and reinstall
  • change location for Hookmark-folder

Any idea?

Sorry about this issue, @dirk .

Does it happen to all file, or some files? Could you please send us the screenshots which illustrate the problem?

Do you have the problem Hook web pages?

When you say “nothing changed in the Hookmark-folder”, do you mean Hookmark library folder, which is under ~/Library/Application Support/com.cogsciapps.hook?

Thank you

Yes, it happens to all files, PDFs as well as web pages and everything else.

Attached screenshots illustrate my description above:

  • screenshot 1: link created
  • screenshot 2: same file after closing and reopening the hookmark-window, link disappeared

Hookmark-Folder means the Hookmark-Folder defined in the preferences (for me within my documents-folder), not the library-folder

Thank you!

Thank you, @dirk .

Are the old hooked links (the links you created before) still there?

Also, if you do “Hook to New”, does the link persist? You can do this via action menu->Hook to New TextEdit. You might have different app name other than TextEdit.

Thank you

Thanks, @bchend
I can’t find any older links.
„Hook to New“ also doesn’t work. The new file is created (within the folder hookmark>notes), but the hook-window does not show any hooked file.

@dirk Sorry for the trouble.

When you hook a new link, could you please check if ~/Library/Application Support/com.cogsciapps.hook/log.csv is updated? The file logs all created links and hooks.

In addition, could you please execute the following command in Terminal.app and restart Hookmark?

defaults write com.cogsciapps.hook output.log.to.file 1

Then send us the log files under ~Library/Logs/com.cogsciapps.hook/ to support@cogsciapps.com.

Thank you.

Log files are updated, but the links still don’t show up in the hookmark-window. Command in Terminal.app also didn’t change this.
I have sent the log file to the support-adress. Thanks!