Hookmark link to Drafts Workspace?

I might be missing something, but I would like for Hookmark to be able to link to a Drafts workspace. For example, the Drafts workspace might have the tags “wcc” and “announcement.” Using a Hookmark link in Curio, for example, the link would open the Drafts workspace associated with those two tags. Is this possible?

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I just checked Drafts API and it seems it is not possible for now.

Drafts supports direct links to workspaces. See: URL Schemes | Drafts User Guide

Just use the format:


The thing is for now Hookmark is not able to get the current workspace link. Something similar to get the draft link:

Perhaps I misunderstood you. Do you mean you would like Hookmark to hook a Curio link and a Draft workspace link?

You can do the linking by copying draft workspace link to the clipboard first, then open Hookmark window on your target Curio bookmark, click on Action Menu->Hook to Copied Link(or simply command+v).

Thank you

Thanks for the responses. I’m sorry I didn’t get back to this sooner, but there were some medical issues, I was a bit behind on grading and the semester was heading towards ending, etc. Now I’m trying to prepare fall courses, but I will check into the suggestions you’ve provided.