Hookmark link in pdf doc doesn't work in Preview, but does work in PDF Expert

I’m on MacOS 13.4.1. I created the pdf with LaTeX, it has a couple of Hookmark links to RTFD files. The Hookmark link works when opening the pdf with PDF Expert. But opening with Apple’s built-in Preview, the links don’t work (I get an error beep sound from clicking). Here is the link that I copied from within Preview (PDF Expert doesn’t seem to have a way to copy a link)


that matches what I have in the LaTeX document:
\href{hook://file/IvVYLU7q0?p=RGlhcnkyMDIyL0VsZWN0cm9tYWduZXRpc20=&n=problems%20solved%20Chapter%2029%2Ertfd}{problem 29-23}

Welcome to Hookmark forum, @erikn .

It seems it is by design for security reason. I tried file URL, Agenda URL and Bear note URL, none of them work.

But some people think it is an oversight.

By design of Hookmark? Or by design of Apple in making Preview more secure? If Apple, then perhaps Hookmark can talk to Apple about this?

Or maybe I need to enable some privacy & security & accessibility setting to allow Preview to follow the Hookmark link?

It’s not a big problem for me because I mainly use PDF Expert, which allows following the Hookmark link.

Sorry for the confusion.

I meant it is by design of Apple. Since not just Hookmark link is blocked, but also other Apps links, even local file URLs are blocked.

Enabling privacy & security & accessibility setting for Preview seems not helping.

Okay, thanks for the reply. I’ll stick with PDF Expert.

I am quite unclear what the issue is. I just created a link (using Hookmark) in a pdf open in Preview. I copied the link into a note in Bear. Works fine. What doesn’t work?