Hookmark integration issue with Bike and OmniFocus deep links

I am using a software called Hookmark, which can integrate with another software called Bike as well as OmniFocus. I have an issue as follows:
• When I open Hookmark from OmniFocus, I can see the correct Bike link (including deep link).
• When I open Hookmark from a specific line in Bike, I can see that the hooks contain not only the corresponding OmniFocus link for that line, but also all the OmniF links hooked by the entire Bike file.
• The above is just an example using OmniFocus, it seems that there are problems with Bike’s deep links and hooking up with any software.

I like hookmark very much, hope it will solve my problem, thanks

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This is actually the designed behavior. We stuck to the same principle as Hookmark behaves in PDFs and webpages. The deep link is returned on Copy Link, but when invoking Hookmark you see all the hooks. Otherwise, we would encounter many situations where the user is wondering “where are my hooks”. That’s particularly the case given that user may delete the hooked row but still want hooks to appear.

The work around for this would be to use an integration “Get Address” script that returns bike:// links instead. bike:// links are also relatively robust (adaptive), so this is a good way to go.

(Robustness is always a matter of degree. hook://file/ links and bike links are heuristic).

Thank you for your response, I really appreciate it. The reason I have this question is that I found that deep links cannot be opened when the Bike file is closed, so I am trying to integrate all files into one Bike file so that I can always have it open. However, this also brings up the issue I mentioned earlier.
Well, I think I should try to use the hook:// method and give up deep links, and divide the files into several “small files”, which seems to be more flexible.