Hookmark HTML deep linking via Scroll to Text Fragment

I’ve really enjoyed Hookmark’s PDF deep linking, and have been looking for a similar functionality in HTML documents - both locally stored via file:// links, and web accessible via http:// or https:// links.

The Scroll to Text Fragment functionality implements such a HTML deep linking feature, and is supported by the major browsers:

In brief, you add #:~:text=TEXT_TO_SEARCH_FOR to the URL.

More details here:


See here for an example of Scroll to Text Fragment deep linking in action:

(%3A is a URL encoded :)

If I open a file link in a browser via a file:// link, while appending the Scroll to Text Fragment command, I get the expected/appropriate behavior:

But, if I append #:~:text=PDF%20Readers%20supporting%20deep%20linking to hook://file/ style links, I do not get the appropriate behavior.

It is possible to modify the Hookmark hook://file/ creation from HTML files, such that it could support Scroll to Text Fragment style deep linking?

P.S. your page on link compatibility, does not support Scroll to Text Fragment style deep linking in either Safari or Chrome :wink: