Hookmark export hang problem

Hookmark export hang problem

  • Problem:
    • Unable to export link data from Preferences / General / Linking / Link data: / Export.
    • I initiate export and the export hangs at approximately 25% according to the Exporting… progress bar.
    • According to OSX Activity monitor:
      • Minimal CPU usage (2.1%)
      • Bytes Written: 20KB
        • Note: Specified target export file isn’t created or even open.
  • Background:
    • Goal
      • To migrate links from current system disk to an replacement system disk discarding link data for missing files.
    • Environment:
      • Processor 3.6 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9
      • Graphics Radeon Pro 580X 8 GB
      • Memory 40 GB 2667 MHz DDR4
      • macOS Sonoma 14.1.1
      • Hook v6.0.1
    • Additional context:
      • The Show Bookmarks window indicates:
        • All Bookmarks 23487
      • I suspect many of these are links to missing files
        • Easily over 75% due to high turnover churn rate…
          • I link each new version of third party application install packages with links to release info page and download page.
          • Periodically older versions of the of the installation packages are deleted when no longer required.
      • On the new replacement system disk there are already existing Hookmark links.
        • So merging exported old link data and new might be a problem.
        • I’ll cross that bridge if/when I can get a successful export.

Sorry about this issue. Could you please take a process sample of Hookmark when it hangs? Here is how:

Thank you

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If you have external disks, mounted DMG files or network files, could you please disconnect/dismount them and try again?

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Thanks for the quick response.

I no longer have a reproducible failing test case :-(.

After posting my discourse bug-fix;

  • I tried to reduce the number of links.
  • by tediously searching and deleting ~/.Trash/… links ( over 6,000 of them!) using the Show Bookmarks window.
  • I then tried the export on the remaining 2,847 links and (after 26 minutes) it successfully completed the export (29.2 mb)!

I’m unsure as whether no longer having any ~/.Trash… links or the reduction of 26,000 too 20,847 links contributed to the success.

One thing I did notice was:

  • After doing the recommended shutdown/restart of Hook before export, Hook used 45.9 mb.
  • Hook’s memory utilization peaked at over 500 mb during the export and returned to 78 mb at completion.

Could the original problem be related to garbage collection thrashing with large hook.sqlite database (100 mb)?

FYI: I noticed after removing the ~/.Trash/… links the size of hook.sqlite didn’t get smaller… even after a Hook restart.

Is there some option to reclaim the deleted space (more for performance than disk footprint consideration)?