Hookmark: Does anyone else feel they ‘completely understand’ the concept while simultaneously being confused in using it?

I use, create, copy & paste dozens of Hookmark links everyvday and have done so over a year. The app it is a part of my standard workflow and is a major part of my small law firm’s technology related SOPs. However, Hookmark as a concept continues to baffle me when thinking of the app as either a way to make an in-house ‘wiki’ or a fancy bookmarking tool which work across macOS and many popular applications.

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The bookmarking aspect is made obvious in Hookmark 6, which has a bookmark window that stays open.

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Going out on a limb (where I seem to live these days…) I conceptually link HM with the ideal of the old HyperCard app. HyperCard, to me, was a single app space where you could bring together, ideally, everything into that one app space (EIOAS). HM’s linking various things together similarly move in this consolidating EIOAS direction. It simplifies some of the overhead of dealing with multiple apps. As an aside, IMO, I’d like to see all apps go away and have a single operating computing space, but that’s for another time.

‘Linking stuff together’ is an easy concept (perhaps), and while making a clear interface would be easy if the functionality was limited to link-making, HM strives to be more than link-making, and I think that is where things get suddenly deep, complex, and confusing as the UI suddenly has A LOT more to do.

For me, the initial hump that I still feel as a slight bump in the path with HM’s use was the need to evoke the app’s UI as a separate initial step from where I could then issue the desired command to get a link made that I can then go to where I want to place it and then take another step to place. It would be simpler and clearer if this were reduced to a simple copy/paste action like command+option+c created a link and command+option+v pasted the link, and that was it. Period. This would clarify the app’s usage at the expense of the greater functionality it seeks to provide.

Recently, there was the addition of a ‘quick action’ allowing access to copy a link via evoking the contextual menu. I found a Maco within the Keyboard Maestro Forum that calls up the contextual menu and selects a predetermined item that simplifies the link creation for me. The paste still has some friction as formatting the link doesn’t seem controllable and I then need to edit the links I paste into the Apple Numbers app.

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