Hookmark crashes sometimes when invoking global shortcut to open Bookmarks window

Hi. Congratulations on the release of Hookmark 6.

After updating, I’ve had the app crash several times when using the default global keyboard shortcut to open the new bookmark window. After starting the app, using the shortcut usually opens the window as expected only the first time. Using the shortcut a second time, whether the Bookmark window is closed or open consistently crashes the app.

Opening the Bookmark window via the menu bar does not seem to crash the app.

After restarting the app each time, I chose to send the anonymous crash report. I hope that helps.

Also, I’ve noted that if I change the size, position, or layout of the Bookmark window, the change is retained if I close it and open it again with the menu bar while the app is running. However, it is not retained after quitting and re-starting the app (whether it crashed or was quit normally). When re-starting the app, the default size, position, and layout are used instead when opening the Bookmark window. This occurs whether opening it via the global shortcut or the menu bar.

Thanks for your help!

Thank you for reporting the issue and sorry about this!

We will work on it ASAP.

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I got the same issue. It always crashes after triggering Bookmark window the second time via hotkey.

Sorry about this issue, @Missionary .

This problem has been addressed in Hookmark 6.0.1. Please update your Hookmark and see the problem has been resolved.

Thank you

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I updated to the latest version 6.0 not 6.0.1. And the problem still persists.

Both issues (the crash and remembering the layout) seem to be fixed for me in 6.0.1. Thanks!