Hookmark and Unite 5 SSB Apps

I need help getting Hookmark to work with an SSB created with Unite 5.

I’ve created a number of single-site browsers using various methods depending on my needs:

  • Safari 17.1 works as expected with Hookmark.
  • Safari 17.1 SSB Web App works as expected with Hookmark.
  • Coherence X (Chromium-based SSB) works as expected with Hookmark with the Chrome option.
  • Coherence X (Chromium-based SSB) presents “No linkable item…” with the Brave option.
  • Unite 5 (WebKit-based SSB) presents “No linkable item…”

I’m working with MacOS Sonoma 14.1.1 and I pay for Hookmark Pro 6.0.1, Unite 5.1.1, and Coherence X4.5.2, and Choosy 3.2.1 directly from developers, though the bzgapps are also available in Setapp. I prefer Unite apps as they are light on resources and isolate credentials/history/cookies, allowing complete project separation with SAAS tools. I use Coherence apps if I need Chrome extensions or if a site doesn’t work well with Webkit.

I reviewed the “no resource detected” instructions and scoured the forums for other tricks. I was encouraged by @ashcreighton https://discourse.hookproductivity.com/t/hookmark-5-public-beta-2-is-now-available-for-download/6057/6 but I can’t get as far as copying a universal link as there doesn’t seem to be anything to copy. I even tried duplicating various scripts and changing the name to match the SSB apps with no joy.

The Unite Apps offer “Copy Current URL ⇧⌘C” in the Edit menu, so it seems like the guts are there for a script.

I’m new to Hookmark and going nuts linking and hooking things all over the place locally, but so many of my data sources and project management tools are web-based lately; I really hope someone can point me in the right direction with this. TIA

Could you please update your script to version 306 and see if it works?

Hookmark get its title from its history. If you clear the history, then the title would be its url.

For apps created by Coherence X, it seems there is no way to get the URL.

Thank you

Thanks for the reply @bchend ! No luck with any of my latest Unite or Coherence instances on v306. I put in a support request to the developer at bzgapps referencing this discussion; maybe he has suggestions or will consider this for a feature request.

Thank you.

If you right click on your unite created app, click on “Show package contents”, go to Contents-> Resources, does it have a folder named “UniteShared.momd” ? Hookmark uses this to check it the app is created by Unite. Perhaps it is not a right way.