Hookmark and Things Repeating To-dos—Things crashes (work-around disable menubar badge)

Whenever I attempt to create a repeating to-do in Things while Hookmark is running on my Mac, Things crashes. Things support states this is a known issue to this and needs to be corrected on the Hookmark end.

If I stop running Hookmark on my Mac, there are no crashes in Things.

Things: Version 3.16.3 (31603502)
Hookmark: Version 4.0 (4988; Integration v. 253)
MacOS: Ventura 13.1 (22C65)

I hate to pass the buck, but we emailed Cultured Code about this late 2022 saying there’s a bug in Things that causes it to crash when some AppleScript is called in that condition. Hookmark is simply using their AppleScript, so it seems to us it should not crash. Good API practice is not to crash when the API is called… Or they could provide guidance about how to use their API. We will have a look as to whether there is some way Hookmark can check (e.g., asking Things “is this a repeated item?” and then turning excluding).

As far as I know Hookmark does not crash in this condition. Are you saying that it does?

The work-around is to uncheck the checkbox of Hook > Preferences > General> Show current item’s number of hooks in menu bar icon.

We could alternatively exclude Things from Hookmark’s menu bar badge altogether, which would mean users would not get any status at all.

I’ve changed the title and the category to reflect the solution. Also, this does not seem to crash Hookmark. Hopefully Cultured Code will fix their AppleScript or at least provide a tip as to how to avoid the problem in their API.