Hookmark and Heptabase

Is there any hopes of ever seeing a Heptabase integration? Have you guys happened to have already started a dialog with the devs?


Thank you for this request, @Ambitendency .

We will have a look.

I would really like a Heptabase integration too! :blush:

I took a look at this recently; while Heptabase does have an URL handler implemented (heptabase://), their desktop app does not support deep linking. I just tested this again, it still does not work. Also, the URLs that it emits from a “Copy Link” action, in both the website and desktop app, are HTTP links and will open in the browser. For these reasons, a “native” integration is not yet possible. I asked in their discord a few months back, and deep links are on their roadmap. Once this is implemented, something can be hacked together by an end-user and submitted here to be added to the Hookmark Scripts repository.

That being said, it is probably possible to create a Hookmark script today that will pull that HTTP link from the Heptabase desktop app, because it is bound to a keyboard shortcut which can almost definitely be automated using AppleScript. However, because the resultant link that would be stored in your Hookmark db will be https, it would open in your web browser app instead of the Heptabase desktop.

In order to achieve this, just look at the “Tana” script that’s packaged with Hookmark. It does pretty much the same thing, it emits a keyboard shortcut to their desktop app that copies a link to the clipboard, which is exactly what you need to do for Heptabase. Have fun.

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