Hookmark and Forklift

I am trying to use Hookmark (v. 5.1.3, direct installation; not SetApp) with Forklift (via SetApp, v. 4.0.1), and it does not appear to work… but my understanding is that Hookmark is compatible with Forklift. Did something break with their latest release or am I missing something?

TIA for taking a look!

Oh It works for me but I am using the 6 beta version.

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Ah I see, thanks for letting me know! I’ll wait for the v6 release then :slight_smile:

Could you please go to Hookmark preferences window ->Update, click on Check now button? This will update the script. See it solves the problem.

Thank you

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I seem to be up to speed on the stable releases. Are you suggesting I sign up for v6 (beta?)?

You don’t have to. This will also update the script. Now you have the latest script (293)

Have you tried it?

I have the same problem (“No linkable item found in ForkLift”), ForkLift via Setapp latest version (4.0.2 (425)), Hook 5.1.3.

Sorry about this issue.

What’s your script version? You can find it in Hookmark about window.

Thank you

Thanks for this, not quite sure which number it is but these are the details from the about popup:

Version 5.1.3 (5475; Integration v. 295)

I continue to have this same problem. I uninstalled Forklift 3 completely - wiped every reference I could find - and I finally got Hookmark to work with it again. But then when I upgraded to version 4 recently, I lost Hookmark again.

I’m on the Setapp version of Forklift 4 and I am on scripts version 295.

Sorry about this, @loosewire , @arthurwerry .

The problem has been fixed for Forklift4. Please go to Hookmark preferences window ->Update->Check now to update the script.

Thank you

That did it! Thanks so much!

It works fine, now, thanks very much @bchend.


I also get the error message “No linkable item found in ForkLift”. I am using Forklift version 4.0.5 (429) in German and Hookmark version 6.0.1 (5788; Integration v. 302) - macOS is Sonoma 14.1.1.
I am grateful for any help!

Welcome to Hookmark forum, @Bernd . Sorry about this issue.

Could you please update your script (version 303) and see if it fix the problem?

Thank you