Hookmark ambassador programme

In the contxt of Quick Tip: Using Hookmark to help deal with multiple Dropbox or Google Drive folders - Discussion & Help - Hookmark Forum I replied to

and I alluded to our upcoming Hookmark ambassador (affiliate) programme, aka “software liaison programme”. I will announce this more formally later, but I wanted to say a few words already…

We’re open to suggestions about how to structure the Hookmark ambassador (affiliate) programme. In particular we will offer a forum badge so that ambassadors can be recognized on the forum, and we’ll likely have forum post tags to identify posts that pertain to ambassador work. We’ll try to make it easy for people to find integration scripts and other integration-automation software (such as shortcuts, AppleScript, extensions, etc.)

For this programme, launchers (like LaunchBar, Raycast, and Alfred ) are a high priority category, as are PKM and note-taking apps, and automation tools like Keyboard Maestro.

We are also looking for Hookmark ambassadors to Mimestream. I have communicated with Founder Neil Jhaveri who says he is keen on making his app link-friendly — but we need Hookmark ambassadors to lots of other apps too.

But we can have ambassadors for any app that is or should be link-friendly. The goal is also to help promote the importance of software being link-friendly, per:

So, we invite potential ambassadors (and everyone) to sign that manifesto.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Hookmark ambassador programme, and think you might want to be an ambassador, please reply below.


Fantastic! I am indeed interested in learning more about the Ambassador Program.

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I am as well! Eagerly awaiting updates.