Hooking together issue reports, forum entries and more

Given that many of our users are in the software industry, I thought I should mention a use case of Hook customer support.

This morning we received an issue report (about a script update not happening). I logged an internal issue regarding the report. Then we received a PIM extending the report. Our issue tracking system has URL fields, which allows me to share URLs, and I do use them; but using Hook is faster. So I used Hook to hook the internal issue report (URL) to the public discourse forum update (another URL) and to the PIM (another URL). That enables me to navigate around these web pages very quickly.

I also created a private cloud-shared folder for the issue and hooked the report to the folder.

I could also put .hook files in any cloud shared folder pertaining to customer reports to share links to emails, http URLs etc.

There’s more info about this topic here: Track Issues More Productively – Hook.

Interesting PoV.

I’m an on- and off user of Hook. Basically, as a developer, I’d like to hook things down to the code level. I can’t do that at the moment, since my development environments (vi, sublime text, dbeaver/eclipse) appear not to be supported by hook.

So for general stuff like meeting planning etc. things work well since we can hook into outlook calendar entries. But for actual work stuff, it seems to be more difficult.

I could of course past hook urls into the code, like, in comments. But I’d be cross-referencing between different code pieces, and mails, and to do so, I need to be able to call a url that points to a line in a code file. I can’t do that at the moment (maybe it’s possible, and I just didn’t see how).

Anyway, that’s complaining on a very high level. Hook is great!

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