Hooking to Things project

I was having a hard time creating links to Projects in Cultured Code’s Things app. Today, I figured it out.

My mistake was selecting the Project in the sidebar. When I did that and invoked Hook, I got the “No linkable items found in Things” message.

But when I left the sidebar and selected the Project title at the top of the Project window, then Hook worked fine. Now that hook opens Things right to that Project page.



Thanks so much for posting this. BTW if anyone else sees this, don’t click on the dropdown that appears at top when you hide the left sidebar. You need to click within the text of the project name.

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Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum, CaptainHook. Thanks for letting us know. And Congrats on the catchy forum handle :blush: !

Haha I’m shocked it wasn’t taken, tbh. Enjoying the app so far, looking forward to getting a licence shortly.

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