Hooking Everlog

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I’ve requested Everlog’s developer to create a keyboard shortcut and menubar option for “Copy Link to Entry” option, which previously was only available as a mouse right click option.
The dev responded quickly and its available in the latest app udpate.

Could this suffice to help create a Hook integration?

Thanks for your help on this!

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Thank you for making this happen, @praj .

We just updated our script server for supporting Everlog. Script version 320.

Because “Copy Link to Entry” only have link information, Hookmark can only get the title from its window name. So if you open an entry in a separate window, Hookmark can get its title. Otherwise, you need to edit title after adding the bookmark.

If you can ask the developer also put the entry title to the clipboard when “Copy Link to Entry” is executed, that would be great.

Thank you


Hi @bchend,

Thanks for the quick support in creating the script for Everlog.
I have asked the developer of Everlog for help on the requirement you had mentioned.
Hopefully it will be helpful for hookmark users and the Everlog developer as well.

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