Hooking a YouTube video to the source on which you discovered it

If you’re like me, after finding an interesting video on YouTube, you often want to go back to the source that/who shared the video. That may be a blog post, a tweet, an email or anything else. It can even be content you yourself produced.

For instance, last night I finally published on YouTube a recording of a talk I gave last summer for Dr. Angelica Lim’s course on Affective Computing (Department of Computer Science) at Simon Fraser University.

So I hooked the blog post to the video:

  1. That lets me navigate quickly back and forth between them.
  2. I can also thereafter use Hook’s ⌘F feature to randomly access either side of the ‘hook’. If the items have different names, this gives me some redundancy, facilitating search.

That’s roughly analogous to ‘content addressable memory’ and ‘random access memory’, respectively.

Of course, last year I hooked the WordPress page to its markdown source on my Mac, so I can instantly navigate from the WordPress page to my blog post. (That made it very easy for me last night to update the document with a reference to the source. I actually found the blog post first, then navigated via Hook to its folder in the Finder.) And so on.

The point is that at any given moment you just need to hook a 2, 3 things together. This grows your Hook network. It’s not a silver bullet. But I find it reduces frustration.

This spring, we will release yet more enhancements to the hyperlink network management facilities underlying Hook

Dr. Lim’s Twitter handle is @petitegeek, so I hooked her page to my blog post.

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Thanks for posting this, Luc. Three very good ideas in there which now seem like they’re obvious enough that I should have thought about them! And the talk sounds fascinating.

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thanks, Tony. The talk is a bit speedy because I found out at the last minute that I had about half as much time as I had assumed.


Complementary problem to my “twice as much to say as I thought” problem. :slight_smile:

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