Hook Window with Multiple Displays


I am encountering an issue when I have my MacBook connected to multiple displays. When I invoke the Hook window it opens on my MacBook screen even if I am invoking it on an application on an alternative display (i.e. the active display).

Is there a way to change this behavior? Am I overlooking something?

Thanks for asking, @vmspinetti . If you move Hook window to a different window, does it re-open on that window?

It always opens at the monitor/location it was at last time it was open

@LucB Yes, if invoke the hook window and move it to an alternative display, it reopens to the display it was moved to.

I would love for Hook to behave like Alfred/Launchbar and open to the active display when invoked.

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Thanks @vmspinetti . We have an internal issue for this. Perhaps our safest bet is to introduce it as an advance preference, then move it into the default (given how many configurations are possible).

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@LucB Understood, and I appreciate the consideration. I’m a Hook evangelist regardless!


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Hook 3.4 public beta has additional support for additional displays / monitors.

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@LucB Thank you for adding support for multiple monitors/displays!

An early Christmas gift!

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I use Ultrawide monitor with my Macbook 13, its opens on right screen but often the hook “window” is misplaced (for example in the extreme top right corner instead of the middle of the screen);
It also doesn’t remember the placement if I once click on another screen

I could make a gif with this, but it should be easy to reproduce, could hook remember screen position per monitor (or be set to set this only if someone need it) ?

I am on Version 3.5 Beta (4712; Integration v. 208), MacOS 12.3.1

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I’m also still seeing issues with Hook window positioning. If I disconnect my MBP from the external display and invoke Hook it displays in the correct place. When I connect my MBP to my external screen and invoke Hook it doesn’t display in the correct place. Alfred has no issue with this. Screenshots attached.

Thanks @philbowell . That is correct. We unfortunately haven’t addressed that specific issue yet.