Hook Window with Multiple Displays


I am encountering an issue when I have my MacBook connected to multiple displays. When I invoke the Hook window it opens on my MacBook screen even if I am invoking it on an application on an alternative display (i.e. the active display).

Is there a way to change this behavior? Am I overlooking something?

Thanks for asking, @vmspinetti . If you move Hook window to a different window, does it re-open on that window?

It always opens at the monitor/location it was at last time it was open

@LucB Yes, if invoke the hook window and move it to an alternative display, it reopens to the display it was moved to.

I would love for Hook to behave like Alfred/Launchbar and open to the active display when invoked.

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Thanks @vmspinetti . We have an internal issue for this. Perhaps our safest bet is to introduce it as an advance preference, then move it into the default (given how many configurations are possible).

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@LucB Understood, and I appreciate the consideration. Iā€™m a Hook evangelist regardless!


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Hook 3.4 public beta has additional support for additional displays / monitors.

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@LucB Thank you for adding support for multiple monitors/displays!

An early Christmas gift!

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