Hook window suggestion

It seems to me that the Hook window takes up quite a bit of real estate for what it is doing. It’s essentially a list of four commands and short cuts, with a submenu for one of the shortcuts.

The only reason the sheet needs to be the size it is because of the “Creates a document, names it …” message at the bottom of the window, which can get very long based on the name of the selected context (web page, document, etc.). Perhaps that could be handled differently? Put the name of the selected context in a tool tip?

The submenu gets rather long too – and only has the single shortcut. It would be useful if there were a preference that we could turn off/on what appears in the Link to New submenu, assign a shortcut (or default to ⌘1, ⌘2, etc.). No doubt others’ views are different, but I doubt I ever need more than 5 or 10 document types appearing in that submenu.

The beauty of Hook is being able to get in and out quickly so we can get to work. Streamlining – especially helping us avoid using mice – would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks, again, @quorm

Perhaps we can have an option to hide the commands (for users who have the hang of Hook).

agreed. It’s also supposed to support selection by typing first letter of menu entry, but there’s a bug such that this doesn’t always work.

Tip: You can shorten this menu by removing items from the Templates folders. Preferences > Notes tab has a Templates Folder button to expose the folder in Finder.


  • you can hide the status bar with ⌘/ (or use Gear menu),
  • you can access linked items by typing first letter of link (we intend to support full type-ahead selection , i.e., typing subsequent characters will select matching items, as in macOS menus)

Agreed. According to the current design, users should be able to access all commands with the keyboard. (Preferences window requires a bit of clicking). I for one don’t use mouse or trackpad (I type the first letter of command/ or link and use arrow keys if required). But as noted above, the "link to new " has a glitch that sometimes typing first letter doesn’t work.