Hook window disappears if I try to use the drop zone

⌥click on the menu bar (top of the Catalina Mac) brings up the hook window with its title bar, drop zone, and status bar, BUT the drop zone is useless. If I click on an item to drag it into drop zone, the window disappears instantly.

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You’re describing designed behavior.

Just drag an item onto the menu bar icon and the window will re-appear.

Instructions for Hook window are here:

Menu Bar Window – Hook.

this reminds we should add videos to this. A video is worth a thousand words.

We also intend to provide a regular app window that is always available. It will contain drop zones. And you’ll be able to drag one or more items (i.1) onto an item (i.2) to link all of the i.1 items to i.2. And variations on the theme.

A “regular app window” is the first, most obvious thing you should have built.