Hook Version 3.4 (4602) released. Search, Share menus, multiple monitors, and more

We were quite busy this autumn, with several updates to Hook, finishing and publishing the Manifesto for Ubiquitous Linking along with leading Mac developers, professors and podcasters, working towards Hook functionality for iPhone and iPad being in TestFlight outside of Apple (internally we are using it of course), and even updating mySleepButton many times.

So on this solstice day we are happy to announce that Hook Version 3.4 (4602; Integration v. 191) is now available as an in-app update and for web download.

Executive summary

  • :tada: Significant improvements to Hook’s search (⌘F)
  • :tada: You can now access Hook commands from Safari’s and Finder’s Share menus: Copy Link, Copy Markdown Link (Hook Pro only), Open Hook Window, Add Bookmark, Copy Selection and Link .
  • :tada: Yes :blush: : Copy Selection and Link in Safari from Safari’s Share menu.
  • :desktop_computer: Better support for multiple monitors
  • In browsers, Hook Lite now includes Copy Link (free; Essentials and Pro already had this of course).
  • Apptorium’s SideNotes app is now supported, along with other integrations, with thanks to @wernervp.
  • UI updates, bug fixes, and other improvements.

Please see the release notes online.

Thanks again to everyone who gave us feedback, used Hook, and/or shared the news about it.

stay tuned

More to come this December :wink: .


I don’t see how to add Hook to the list of my extensions. It does not appear there so ther is no box to tick. Am I doing anything wrong?

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Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @petergw. There’s a blurb in the Hook 3.4 Release notes :

To enjoy these features, be sure to add Hook to macOS > System Preferences > Extensions > Share Menu. See Use the Share menu on Mac – Apple Support

See Access Hook from macOS Share Sheets (Safari and Finder) – Hook for more information.

Thanks. I know that advice exists, however I cannot solve my problem using it, so the share menu still does not include Hook

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Sorry to be a nuisance. However Hook does not exist on my Mac as an extension I can add to the share menu. The Mac is an older 27 inch aluminium Mac and is running Catalina as it is not able to run a more modern version of Apple software.
Does the latest Hook only add more function for a later version than Catalina?


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Hi @LucB,

I’ve discovered a minor bug with search that confused me a bit:

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Sorry for the trouble.

We have identified the issue and will fix the problem in 3.4.1.

that would be a lot of bookmarks!

for all: sharing a use case for Hook: I hooked this forum post to the bug report I filed internally for this issue. I also hook emails to internal bug reports, and other files. Sometimes I’ll hook a 3rd party web page to a bug report.

back to the issue: If you want to see all bookmarks, for now entering the search mode ( ⌘F) does the trick as they show up automatically. Hook allows * to follow alpha numerical; not required for finding a token. But it is a bug.

Hook shows up in the Share sheet in more than just “Safari’s and Finder’s Share menus”. For example, it appears in the Share sheet when we use Curio’s File > Share > Share as Text Via… command, which displays the macOS Share sheet.

The problem is when Hook is invoked from the Share sheet in that case, the Hook sharing dialog opens, but Hook only shows this, and copies the document URL. In other words, Hook’s share extension does not operate with Curio figures the same way as invoking Hook from the menubar.

I too am running Catalina (2012 Mac Mini). Same problem.

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Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum ,

We’ve released Hook 3.4.1 which solves this problem.

I have been using the share menu extension in Safari. Very nice. Here is a suggestion: Allow user to set default behavior so as to avoid always clicking through the options upon engaging the extension. Once default has been set, all user might see upon engaging the extension is a brief display acknowledging that the function has been executed, as with the Pocket share extension. Or at least: make the chosen function sticky so that user doesn’t have to reselect it every time. Another suggestion: include an option to link to a copied Hook URL. So I use extension to copy a Hook URL for the page, then I go to another page and link to the previously copied Hook URL. That’s a nice workflow potentially.

@LucB – Activating the Hook contextual window with the ithoughts app window front most, no longer shows a hook link… Strangely though when I activate hook with a different app frontmost (e.g. mindnode), it shows the previous ithoughts window as a “Recent” hook item… So in other words, hook doesn’t work when activating it for the ithoughts app but nonetheless retains it as a recent item… This all happened after the latest release

With 3.4.1, Hook is now showing in share menu, but it crashes every time I click on Search Hook’s bookmarks instead? I’m running Mojave.

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @Serge

thanks for reporting.

where are you seeing this prompt? Status bar? can you send us a screenshot?

There it is:

Problem solved! I’ve installed Montery a couple days ago and Hook is not crashing anymore when I try to access bookmarks.

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I assumed this is not yet solved? I had 3.4.2 and am also seeing the same behaviour.

The issue of displaying too many bookmarks for some search patterns was planned for an earlier release but is only fixed in the upcoming 3.5.