Hook Version 1.8 (3439) is now available—Enables application of update and upgrade licenses

Hook Version 1.8 (3439) is now available as an in-app update and from Hook’s download page. If your free updates period has expired, you’ll need to get the app from the download page..

Hook Version 1.8 (3439) fixes a crash. It also enables existing customers who buy them to apply their Updates License and apply their Upgrade (from Essentials to Pro) License.

  • NEW. You can apply your Updates License, described below.
  • NEW. You can also apply your Upgrade to Pro License.
  • FIXED. Fixed a crash.

Updates Licenses

As described on Hook’s Buy page, Updates Licenses entitle you to receive another 12-month of Hook software updates (i.e., beyond the initial 12 months of free updates).

You can now purchase your Updates Licenses from Hook’s Buy page (for another year of Hook software updates). Paddle.com is the merchant of record, who would send you your Updates License link.

To apply an Updates License, one needs to use Hook 1.8 (3439), i.e., this build or a newer one. Hook 1.8 is available as an in-app update or a download.

Upgrading from Essentials to Pro

2020-07-06. Any day now, from Hook’s Buy page, Hook Essentials customers will be able to purchase a license to upgrade their Hook Essentials license to Hook Pro. To apply this Upgrade License, one needs to use Hook 1.8 or later.


Thank you for using Hook and spreading the word about this CogSci Apps® invention. Your purchases enable support ongoing development and customer support.

Speaking of which, please stay tuned for Hook 2.0 :blush:.

Would you be willing to publish a roadmap for 2.0? Very exciting to see the active development given the renewed interest in note taking apps with bidirectional linking. It seems to me that Hook goes beyond many of these apps!

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Thank you, @haberjr! Timelines and details are hard to predict. So we kept the ETA vague to “this summer”. Some specific features in the past we had to pull at the last minute, adjusting our course a bit. Still, we’ve mentioned several things on the forum, including that the ability to search Hook’s bookmarks is planned for 2.0. We also will introduce “Recent” and “Pinned” sections (currently undergoing QA, along with general beautification) in Hook’s contextual window. There’ll be more than that.

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