Hook version 1.3.2 (build 2947) is now available

First, a warm welcome to all new Hook productivity app users!

Hook 1.3.2 is now available as an in-app update and from the Hook download page.

The main change in Hook 1.3.2, as anticipated in last week’s Hook productivity newsletter, is preparation for Hook’s backend distribution to switch from DevMate to Microsoft’s App Center, which we will soon blog about.

DevMate to App Center

In the past, Hook’s Software Update checker would communicate with the DevMate server for new builds (if requested or configured by the user). Hook would download new builds from DevMate. Moreover, crash reports sent by Hook (if enabled by the user) were sent to DevMate. As of Hook 1.3.2, Hook (if enabled by the user) will:

  1. Check for updates on App Center.
  2. Send crash reports to App Center.

Hook 1.3.2 is likely the last Hook build that will be on DevMate. Future releases of Hook (downloaded via Download – Hook or Hook’s in-app updates), will be hosted (“behind the scenes”) on App Center. We say “behind the scenes” because the only website from which users should download Hook remains https://hookproductivity.com, which just links to App Center. (Until further notice by CogSci Apps Corp., any other website that claims to be a download server for the Hook productivity app is lying and cannot be trusted.)

Port filters

This means that if you are using a port filter (such as LittleSnitch), then to automatically receive Hook software updates, and to send Hook crash reports to CogSci Apps, you will need to configure the filter to give Hook permission to communicate with appcenter.ms.

Hook also has a dynamic integration script update mechanism which communicates with the CogSci Apps host server (https://hook.cogsciapps.com). In order for Hook to auto-update its integration with third-party apps, please ensure Hook can communicate with https://hook.cogsciapps.com.

Other app changes

  • Improved:“Out of the box”, you can now use Hook’s Link to New command to create, link, name and store Libre Office (with that single command). This basically means that Hook’s built-in Notes templates folder now contains LibreOffice documents. You can override them (or any other template) with your custom templates, of course. (Just add your custom template(s) to the Hook/templates/custom templates folder).
  • Fixed: menu bar icon widgets were hard to perceive in Dark Mode.
  • Fixed: “Copy Link” from Things app did not return the item’s name.
  • Fixed: For scripts that return Markdown formatted URLs, Hook’s Scripts Preferences tab no longer says it requires a valid Get Name Script.
  • Fixed a crash.

Integration Script changes

  • Added support for Keep It app by Reinvented Software. Thanks to Rob Trew for feedback on this script which we incorporated. (See forum).
  • Improved integration with Agenda apps. (We have frequently updated our integration with Agenda because Agenda does not provide automation. Compare Hook’s integration help pages).
  • Added integration support for the SetApp version of Pathfinder app. Thanks to a user for bringing the need for this to our attention (via email).
  • Added integration support for the SetApp version of Margin Note.


Hook integration with third-party apps benefits from members of the Hook productivity forum who share their scripts, comment on each others’ scripts, report bugs, request improvements, etc. We are very grateful for this, as we are sure is everyone who has benefitted from their ingenuity and generosity. We are extending and improving our acknowledgements processes towards Hook 1.4. If you have contributed, or would like to contribute, and would like to discuss these processes, please get in touch with us at hook@cogsciapps.com. We will also add a new public gratitude topic to the Hook productivity forum.

Thanks again,
The Hook productivity team @ CogSci Apps

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Just a note, the app is correctly titled “Keep It”.

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Just updated to v1.3.2 - when I click check for updates I get this message?!

Reproduced here:

Sorry all. After our last internal tests we deleted the latest App Center build of Hook that we had uploaded, not realizing this would be a side effect. The build you are running is the correct one if you are seeing this as of today 2019-12-06. We’ll update the App Center server today and this should go away. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for posting.

Our backend dev, Bi Ling, writes

AppCenter is updated.

Run 1.3.2 locally, and check for update. And it now says You’re up-to-date.
1.3.2 is the newest version now.