Hook Version 1.0-beta (build 2170) is now available (built 2019-03-21)

Hook Version 1.0-beta (build 2170) is now available for download via Hook’s download page.

Please note: The previous build (2138) will expire in a few hours. We apologize that we released the new build very close to the time when the prior build (2138) will expire (11:59 PM tonight). This was due to a scheduling error on our part.

New / Improved

  • Improved (more abstract) handling of some social URL’s (Twitter and some Discourse forums). (Issues 2971 and 3258, respectively.) This is part of a more general feature set that will be released after Hook 1.0 “Golden Master”.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the Script Editor “Save” button always to be enabled.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the “Save Button” to disappear after entering scripts for DevonThink in Script Editor (Issue 3094)
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent links from being visible in the context of Adobe Reader. (Issue 3259)


Thanks to everyone who provided feedback towards this release.