Hook Update newsletter and blog post

Yesterday, we sent out a newsletter and published a blog post:

One of the great joys we have at CogSci Apps is interacting with leading developers who, by making their software’s data linkable via automation and an apt user interface, show that they value what David Sparks [@MacSparky] calls contextual computing and Seth Godin calls minimizing mode switching.

Hook Update: Craft, GoodTask, PDF software, Screencasts – Hook with some roundups and pointers.

The newsletter actually said Seth Grant instead of Seth Godin ! Seth Grant is a neuroscientist (cited in the first Cognitive Productivity: Using Knowledge to Become Profoundly Effective) whose does remarkable work on biological computing at the post-synaptic juncture. If I were to place a bet on a future Nobel prize winner in neuroscience, I’d put it on Seth Grant. That work is also connected to the meta-morphogenesis project that I recently informally joined (very part-time!)

Here’s the newsletter signup form . It was our first newsletter of 2021, testament to the fact that we don’t send newsletters to that list very often. Having said that, we’re planning to start a tutorial newsletter.

We also recently tweeted: (1) Hook Productivity—extends your favorite Mac apps! on Twitter: “Incidentally, Hook is an EFFORTLESS bookmarking tool, meaning that when you use its core features (Copy Link or Hook to Copied Link), it adds a bookmark. So you can get back to that info later. https://t.co/F0JsA9c2fY” / Twitter. That links to a video on bookmarking by Lee Garrett.