Hook to Source File—DEVONthink

Hello All,

Still loving Hook. However, I have one use case that could be better. Is there a convenient way to hook to the source file indexed in DEVONthink? For example, if I have a Microsoft Word .doc stored in DT, is there a way to have Hookmark open the .doc in its default app, or will I always need the intermediate step of opening the DT file, then manually opening the default app?


There are two different DEVONthink scripts, the second (non default) does what you’re asking for.

See Customizing Hookmark Integration with DEVONthink – Hookmark

The downside is that, as far as I know, it’s not possible to use both on a case by case basis. You have to pick one.


thank you for jumping in to help, @AW2307.

Thanks for this. Much appreciated.

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