Hook to Sorted3?

would love to be able to Hook to tasks in the Sorted3 app. sortedapp.com
Presently, hook reports no cookable content found, so I imagine it needs a script of an adjustment from the sorted developer. Thx!

  • Christian

I’d like this too. I’m starting to really enjoy the way Sorted3 works.

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@cfritze64 and @ranger. Sorry we lost track of this question. We had previously checked, in March 2021, and found that Sorted has x-callback-url support for opening and adding, but does not have get selected item.. The Sorted app was later mentioned in How are lawyers using Hook? - #4 by Jafam. I haven’t checked again, maybe they have added support since then.

It would be appreciated if Sorted3 users would Contact Sorted devs with this Information for Developers – Hook. Making an app URL friendly is easy for developers, and great for users, per the Manifesto for Ubiquitous Linking.

Thanks, @LucB! I just sent my request to the developers of Sorted!! Fingers crossed.

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