Hook to SavedSearch

I found your amazing app just a few days ago and I really like it. At the moment I’m using the trial.
In the past I tried BookMarkable, but couldn’t make it really work (maybe I’m just too impatient or stupid), so I hope, I can use Hook instead.

At MacOS I’m using SavedSearches very often, so it would be important to me, to set links via Hook. Unfortunately, Hook don’t shows me any possibility to make a link to a SavedSearch. Isn’t it possible or am I missing it?
(I read in the manual, that you can link Spotlight searches, but Spotlight is very imprecise.)

Thanks for your help!

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum, @jimi, and thanks for the kind words about Hook.

Am I correct to assume you are referring to https://support.apple.com/en-ca/guide/mac-help/mh15155/mac


  1. In Finder, search for something like name:20 name:.pdf
  2. save the search
  3. invoke Hook on it

Expected results:

  1. Hook’s title bar should show the title of the search and V button

Actual results:

  1. Hook’s status bar says “No linkable item found in…”

I’m not sure it can do better than this; but we will have a look.

My understanding is that Finder search = a Spotlight search (that can just find things represented in Finder).


  1. you can invoke Hook on a savedSearch file in Finder. Hook can handle any file/folder in Finder.
  2. you can create hook://search URLs with arbitrary parameters. Our help page on that is a bit too concise. But basically that gives you access to arbitrary search parameters, as specified by Apple: https://support.apple.com/en-ca/guide/mac-help/mh15155/mac . It’s one of Hook’s under-discussed features.

On a related note, HoudahSpot users can invoke Hook in saved HoudahSpot searches.

A handy way to use these URIs is to paste them in .hook files.

I would like to link to all the files in the search result.
Hook says there is nothing to be hooked to when I have all results selected and invoke Hook.


There’s the Hook to Clipboard script from Brett Terpstra: Automation – Hook.

One can save that somewhere that spotlight or a launcher can can find it, and invoke it from there. You can save it as an app for instance and add it in your /Applications folder or an /Applications/goodies folder or something. Keyboard friendly. No clicking required.