"Hook to New" Specific location

This request is in the context of the Agenda app but could apply to BBEdit or any other. The use case here is to create a consistent placement of the “Hook to New” command.

Could it be possible in preferences to set a specified location parameter for the chosen “Hook to New” app? For example, with Agenda as the default hook to new, the parameter would be a project, ex; “Inbox”, in which the new note would be created. If the field were left blank the command would remain as is; where the link is hooked to the currently open location of the chosen hook to new app. Perhaps the specified location parameter could be in the form of an existing Hookmark link?

For file-based apps like BBEdit and Pages, the Hook to New default folder is configured in Hook’s Notes Preferences pane:

does that help?

for apps that store data in their own database, like agenda and OmniFocus, the configurability of where new items go depends on the app. Some apps ( like OmniFocus) give us a choice. Agenda does not. The Agenda x-callback-url API that we use does not have a folder location field. The location is based purely on the selection. Change the selection get a new target.

I think one could ask the good folks at Agenda to make the location of items created through their x-callback-url to be configurable via an advanced setting or command line setting. That would be simpler than them changing the API. But if they do change the API, then it would be a simple matter of changing the Agenda integration script.