Hook to New should make the new note a hook item for the original item

Hi Luc and team,

I use Hook to New to quickly create mindmaps in Mindnode of papers I’m reading. When looking at the paper again, later, I would like to see the Hook Note I created earlier. So, it would be really good, if Hook to New would also add the newly created Hook Note as a Hook item to the paper. As of now, I think, it’s the other way round… the paper appears as a Hook item for the mindmap, correct?

Just to make sure, I explain my workflow: I’m in Bookends and start reading an article, say Einstein 1905. I invoke Hook to New which opens a new empty mindmap in Mindnode. I start adding notes into the mindmap about the paper. When opening Bookends another day, I would like to see that mindmap I created as a Hook item linked to the Einstein paper.

Would this be possible?


Your feature request is exactly how it currently works — so if it’s not, something’s gone wrong. Also, hooks are always bidirectional.

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Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @Geo, and thanks for asking.

As @stevelw mentioned, hooks are bidirectional links.

If you read call Hook to New in bookends but then read the paper in a PDF reader outside of Bookends (e.g., in Preview.app, PDFpenPro or Skim ), you won’t see links you’ve hooked to the note. That’s because, by default, when you invoke Copy Link (or Hook to New) in Bookends, Hook identifies the PDF with the Bookends scheme ( bookends://) But when you’re in the other PDF reader, Hook uses the default url ( hook://file//, which you can think of as a robust version of file://).

However, we have published an alternative integration which does the trick (it’s the one I personally use): Using Hook with Bookends Reference Manager by Sonny Software – Hook. That solution identifies PDFs, even in bookends, using hook://file// URLs. The pros and cons are on that web page. (That’s more like Hook’s default integration with Papers3.)

If you’d rather not mess with the integration scripts, you can simply call Hook to New directly from the PDF in the your favorite PDF reader.

However, maybe that is not the source of your issue.

Thanks @LucB and @stevelw for your quick and helpful replies and thank you for welcoming me to the forum!

I have implemented the modification to use with Bookends and things are now running smoothly. I also gave your suggestion to invoke Hook to New directly from the PDF reader some thinking and I might do that in future, so that I can make use of Hooks context menu also from the Finder.

Thank you so much! Hook is a brilliant tool and it has increased my focus immensely!


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One option is to hook the PDF reader version to the Bookends version — that way you can easily navigate between links hooked to either using the arrow keys.

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