Hook to new Scrivener Doc—trigger specific project template?

Hi All,

I’m wondering if anyone has developed a clever way to invoke Hookmark>hook to new Scrivener>and have the Scrivener doc formatted to a specific Scrivener template (e.g., “paper (APA)”).

Thanks for your time!

Do you mean you have a template and would like to be able to Hook to New to that template? If yes, you can put that template in Hookmark’s custom templates folder and it will show up in “Hook to New” list. You can open custom templates folder via Hookmark perferences window → Notes ->Open Templates Folder in Finder.

Thank you

Thanks! Your interpretation of my question is correct. I did try to add the template to the Hookmark custom templates folder. However, it’s not showing up as an option in my “Hook to New” list.

I rebooted Hookmark, no change.

Any other ideas?


What’s the template’s name, including the extension? Is the extension “.scriv”? I just tried it and it seems to be working fine.

Thank you


Thanks for your help! I changed the extension from .scrivtemplate to .scriv and everything is working as expected.