"Hook to New" needs to be liberated

“Hook to New” imposes constraints that I would like to see removed:

  1. Let us choose the name of the “new” file or folder we create with Hook to New. Now, we get odd results: hooking a web page that has a very long title causes a new folder or file (or file within the folder) to be created with the equally long name. Why can’t we name the “hook to new” file and/or folder at the time it is created?
  2. Similarly, why do new files and folders always have to be created inside the same fixed folder that is defined in preferences? I would like an option in preferences to always be prompted for the destination. Otherwise it’s “hook to new – find and move the file”, which is extra work with no obvious reason.

Thanks for listening :slight_smile:


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Thanks for asking, Katie. If you hold down the option key while clicking on the Title menu, you’ll see “Hook to New As…”. That’s a bit obscure, so we plan to make it the default for “Hook to New…” (with ellipses) , so you can use the keyboard shortcut , and not need the option key for that behavior.

A little confusing, don’t you think?

“Hook to New As…” opens the same dialog as “Hook to New”, and nothing at that point suggests you’re going to have the option to save the file some place else.

And, “Hook to New Drafts As…”, when Drafts is the default template does nothing. Of course, because we cannot save a Drafts note outside of Drafts’

Here’s what I think you should do. Get rid of both the “Hook to New” and “Hook to New As…” menus that list all the possible templates, and replace it with a Finder dialog that has the same dropdown selection box as the Templates setting in Preferences included at the bottom of the dialog. One stop shopping and consistent with many other Mac apps.

Sorry for the bother,

Katie :frog: