Hook to new features

I’m using Hook more each day, I really love it!

I would like to be able to add a little more information in the filenames when using “Hook to new”. For example:

  • When creating meeting notes in OmniOutliner (or any other file) it would be nice to be able to add a prefix or suffix with the meeting date and time. This makes the filename more unique.
  • “Hook to new” favourites/ ordering would be a nice addition, or some other fast way to select a template with a shortcut for a specific template (could be the number keys which would provide easy access to the first 10 templates)
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Thanks for this. We do have " Automatically adding a prefix and/or suffix to new notes" which we could extend with a syntax for dates, e.g., %date%

You can assign Hook app shortcuts to these menu items using macOS Preferences.

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