Hook to MailMate folder

Trying to hook up a “Project File” with a Mailmate folder, I can’t seem to get hook to capture a link to a folder in MailMate, only to an e-mail. Am I doing something wrong?

The Hook email scripts are currently only designed to work with emails. They use the email IDs to identify the items, so that they can be used interchangeably across devices, and the IDs are supported across email apps. MailMate (and some of the other apps) might have an API for getting and selecting the email folder IDs – I haven’t checked that.

Thanks! I’ve just emailed the MailMate developper to ask about this. We’ll see.

The ability to link an OF project to a Mail folder (Outlook or Mailmate) as well as a Finder Folder would be amazing to get all my project resources in one place …

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Here’s the developper’s reply:

It’s not something I’m actively working on. I don’t know if you must be able to do it using a URL scheme. If not, then you could use the AppleScript access to custom key binding selectors like this (one-liner to use AppleScript from a Terminal window):
osascript -e 'tell application "MailMate" to perform { "goToMailbox:", "ARCHIVE" }'
The ARCHIVE value can be replaced with the UUID of any mailbox. Just select it in MailMate and hit ⌘C to put it on the pasteboard.

It sounds promising. I’ll play around and see if I can get somewhere.

Hey there!

I’m just attempting to do exactly the same thing, and just wondering if you’d got anywhere with this?
To be able to link to a folder or search in the email client would be so helpful…!

all best