Hook to GoodLinks in Trial Mode

I tested Hook Pro feature that when create a bookmark in Hook, it will automatically create a bookmark in GoodLinks, however it never works as you mentioned in https://hookproductivity.com/help/integration/using-hook-with-goodlinks/ . I have enabled this feature in Hook.app, and tested this feature multiple times, but it never works. I provide detailed information about this bug in the following, including a full video showing my actions. Hope you can fix it, this feature is really cool! :smiley:

Hook version: 3.6.1
GoodLinks version: 1.5.2
macOS version: 12.4


As the forum does not accept .mp4 file, I uploaded the video to a public Notion page, you can check it here Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

I found the reason might be that I’m still in Trail version, however in Buy Hook – Hook they say “Automation and edit integration scripts” is enabled in Trail version.
I execute an AppleScript that call Hook app, and error occurs like: /Users/songyunchong/Desktop/Local/Raycast scripts/hook-copy-link.applescript:355:382: execution error: “Hook”遇到一个错误:The lite version of Hook does not support automation. (9000)

I can not distinguish if my Trail version cause this or it’s a bug of Hook.app

Thank you for reporting this.

I just tested it and it seems to be working.

In LITE mode, Hook can’t create bookmark in GoodLinks.

Hook will enter into LITE mode after Trial expires. You can find the info in Hook about window.

Thanks for sharing, @realCrush . I’ve renamed the topic to “Hook to GoodLinks in Trial Mode” and taken it out of bug reports since this is working as advertised on the Buy page, meaning Goodlinks is not listed as supported in Lite mode.

Thank you Luc! I have just buy a Hook Pro, an it works. :innocent:

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Awesome! welcome aboard!