Hook to Dayone app

I saw that there was some success with hook to Dayone a couple years ago, but didn’t really find anything since (current version of Dayone is 7.2.1, well past what had been referred to).

Anyone have scripts or success with hooking to entries in Dayone?-- thanks!

I don’t see any mention on their website that Day One supports AppleScript. @MacSparky used to use the app and is big on automation, Studio - MacSparky; maybe he has some tips for automating that app?

Does anyone here journal in Craft or some other linkable apps?

Does Day One have an export feature?

I don’t use Hook with Day One. All my automations with Day One are feeding things into the app via IFTTT. Sorry gang.

Thanks Lucy and David @MacSparky … I’m actually asking this question after circling back to Craft (re-listened to that MacPower Users episode earlier this year). Really finding Craft to be great, and even better with Hook. Too bad about Day One (a bit surprising given how great and widely acclaimed Day One is!)- Emory

One-directional hooking is possible, given that Day One provides unique entry URLs. You right-click on an entry and choose Share > Copy Entry URL. You can then paste a hook to that entry onto anything else that’s linkable, and from that other resource follow the hook back to the Day One entry.

Like many others I augment Hookmark with Keyboard Maestro. I have a global macro group called Hook that maps hyper-C and hyper-V to what you’d expect from Hookmark. But those keyboard shortcuts work except in specified apps, where those apps have a provision for producing a URL that requires some other menu or key commands. (Transmit is an example.)

So what I would do (I haven’t yet, but) is add Day One to my global macro exception apps, and then in my “Day One” macro group map hyper-C to the idiosyncratic steps I gave above.

Again, limited and one-directional, but maybe useful.

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Thanks for sharing, @TLM!

And bidirectional navigation is possible. After having hooked the link as you describe,

  1. In Dayone, copy the link with whatever method;
  2. Invoke Hookmark
  3. Focus on Link in Clipboard

Steps 2 and 3 can be combined in a single automation using Hookmark’s AppleScript or Shortcuts support.

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That’s great Luc! I didn’t know about the Focus on Link command.

So I just got this working with Keyboard Maestro. Would be happy to give more detail for anyone, but basically I’ve now got a KM macro group called Hookmark Invocation, which simply contains my universal Meh-J keyboard shortcut for Hookmark, and the macro works everywhere except for Day One. Then in my Day One macro group I’ve added a macro where Meh-J invokes the entry context menu by clicking on this Day One window image, 13 pixels left of centre:


(unfortunately necessary b/c Day One is a bit impoverished in keyboard shortcuts and menu items, as well as AppleScript). The macro navigates the context menu with keystrokes to copy the entry URL. Then the macro invokes Hookmark, waits until the Hookmark “window” (command bar) appears, and hits Ctrl-Cmd-L for the Focus on Link in Clipboard command.

Sounds clunky, but in practice it’s pretty smooth.

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We tweeted to DayOne who responded:

Day One Journal on Twitter: “@hookmarkapp It is on our list to work on a public API, but not something we’ve started on yet. Thanks for the upvote!” / Twitter