Hook to Copied Link doesn't work [cause: Pure Paste app]

I couldn’t make Hook to Copied Link to work. Usually, I copy a link then I activate Hook and command V to paste the link. This time it does not allow me to do so.

It’s grey out and I could not hook like I used to.

could you please look at your Hook > About window to make sure Hook has not reverted to Lite? If you’ve installed a new version of Hook after your Updates license is released that’s what happens, per Activating your License of Hook Productivity App for Mac – Hook
Hook’s in-app updater tries to avoid enabling updates if your license expired. Maybe you installed it out of band?

I just checked and it’s still Hook Pro. The thing here was that when I updated to version 3.8, I did update via Clean My Mac X. And after it finished, it did not seem to be upgraded to new version and it does not allow me to open Hook so I had to restart my Mac. When I reopened it works and updated to the version 3.8 and I realized Hook to Copied Link does not work.

So how can I fix this ?
Thanks in advance.

Could you please post the content of the clipboard? It could be that Hook has a problem parsing the clipboard content for a valid url.

I see. When I manually copy a web link (select the URL and command C), it then allows me to paste on a destination file. However, if I copy the web link by activating Hook (shift command space and command C), it does notify the link is copied, I cannot paste it in the destination file. And the problem is getting worse when I wanna hook between files. It’s true I can drop a bunch of files in Hook contextual window.

This is from Alfred Clipboard. I can see the error as it copy the file title and does not convert it to hook://file…

How can I fix it ?

Actually I figure it out why the error occurred. I used Pure Paste app and it remove the link and keep the title. I’ve already uninstalled Pure Paste and it works fine now. What a relief!