Hook to Calendar Entry

How can I hook something to a given Calendar (.app) entry? I may want to link an eMail from mail.app to a given calendar entry. It seems the hook is created not to the calendar entry currently selected, but to the entire calendar.


is it possible that you didn’t select the calendar event, i.e., that you selected an entire calendar.

I’ve just tested this again and it works for me:

  1. In Calendar, select a specific Calendar event.
  2. In Hook: “Copy as Link”
    3.To make for a good test, in Calendar app, select an event in the distant past from the one in step 1.
  3. select another item, such as this web page (I’m in Firefox at the moment) or an email (in a supported mail app: currently Mail.app, MailMate and Airmail).
  4. in Hook, “Link to Copied Address”.
  5. Invoke Hook again, you’ll see the linked calendar event. You should be able to double click it (or navigate with the keyboard and hit the return key).

This should select the same calendar event as in step 1. On my system with many calendar events this is currently slow. That is why we don’t support “Link to New” for Apple’s Calendar.

You can also

  1. paste links obtained by Hook in the Calendar’s note fields.
  2. paste a link to the calendar event anywhere.

A bigger problem seems to show up. When I open a hook link to a calendar entry, Calendar and CalendarAgent hang, and so does the Hook window, until I kill both Calendar and CalendarAgent:

I suspect this is a performance issue regarding the script we use for Calendar. We will try to make it more efficient. I’ve passed it onto a developer.

In the context of another issue, we’ve improved performance of Hook in relation to Calendar. I hope it solves this problem for you too.
Details are: Hook integration scripts v. 122 now available — updates Apple Calendar integration - Releases - Hook Productivity Forum

Actually, I may have found another issue: I’ve now started using Hook to link to Outlook Calendar events. Which works really really great, except for one thing: If I’m linking to a Calendar Series, Hook will always copy the link to the first entry of the series, not the particular event I was calling hook on. It’s maybe not a big issue, but interesting.

Repeating calendar events are actually single events behind the scenes, which is why you’re seeing this. There may be a solution (I don’t know) but just FYI on why that happens.

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Thanks, that explains it. OK for me.

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