Hook taking 70-75% CPU in the background

I have noticed that on my M1 MacBook Pro, Hook 3.4.2 is taking 70-75 of my CPU in the background.
Is this a known issue?

CPU usage can increase from time to time, e.g., when doing a big sync. However, it should not be persistent. Also please note that on multi-core processors, high CPU % numbers can be misleading. Is it slowing down your Mac?

It has persisted, so it does not appear to be associated with a needed large sync. Also, I am new to the app, so I have what I suspect is a paltry # of hooks.

E.g., this AM, it is still at 52-75%.

No, my Mac is not slow (I think). Frankly, this machine is so fast that I have trouble taxing the CPU. That said, I suppose there are tasks that could be affected, as could battery life. To put it in perspective, the next highest process at idle, Window Server, typically runs 20-29%.

FWIW, turning off iCloud sync in Hook had no effect.


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Update: this high CPU use stopped spontaneously after several days on both my machines.


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Thanks for reporting back. Sorry to hear the issue persisted, and glad it’s gone. If it happens again could you please take a process sample: How to Take a Process Sample of Hook with Activity Monitor app – Hook. That will enable us to see what is happening. Thank you.

I will do that. (Actually, I had sampled the process previously and scanned the result, but neglected to save it . . . oh well.)

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