Hook suddenly very slow since a month or so [Disabling Pinned and Recent helped]

Hi, sorry if this has been asked before, but Hook is very slow since last updates. I included a link to show the speed it operates, don’t know if this is standard.

I uninstalled and reinstalled, but no luck. I’m running Mac OS Big Sur.

Is this standard? Anything I can do about it?

Click for a short video.

Thanks for the reply.

Regards Nick.

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Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum, @Nick. And thanks for asking.

Pinned and Recent are sometimes slow. You can disable them from

  • Preferences>General ;or
  • Gear menu > view;
  • keyboard shortcuts ⌥⌘P and ⌥⌘R respectively

We’ll optimize them further.

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Thanks. Now it’s instant again. I’m relieved. Like the app very much.

BTW: i have a fully specced out 2019 iMac. So I suppose it can’t be a hardware issue.

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Super, I’ve updated the title in square brackets " [Disabling Pinned and Recent helped]" to help people who are scrolling through the forum.