Hook stopped working with Things

Hook has been working fine with Things 3 but for some reason has stopped working. I was linking a series of projects to their related notes and was working fine. Then Hook started reporting that there were no linkable items in Things. I’ve followed the steps in the troubleshooting but they’ve had no effect on bringing the functionality back.

Any help appreciated

Update: It seems to work if I select something first (task or project) but if I’m on a project screen it’s not detecting a link.

Given that the Things ID API relies on item names, the script works best if you select a project or a name. If you invoke Hook on an empty project, you may get unpredictable results.

So I recommend selecting a project or todo before invoking Hook, to make it clear to Hook on which object Hook should operate. The integration script is visible to Pro users. Things enthusiasts may propose/share specific improvements to the AppleScript if there are some to be made.

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Same here… if you solve this please let me know :slight_smile:

I can hook when i select the project in a list (e.g. from an area):

… but i can not hook when the project is open:

Nothing has changed on Hook’s side with respect to this. Looking at the script, the first case requires a selection. The second case deals with the “no selection” situations. I notice from Mac Release Notes - Things Support that recent releases of Things included changes to AppleScript. That might explain it.

Until that gets isolated, in my testing, it is possible to use the tab key to put the focus in the project, at least in some cases.

Hook has never supported linking to “areas” in Things.