'Hook Report' template?

Is it possible to edit the output of the Hook Report?

I know I can edit text once pasted but repetitive task and all that…

For example current output below has markdown title and footer info I don’t want.

Items linked to 2019 03 21 - Icons 8

Report generated by Hook on 07-11-2019 11:11.


Thanks for asking, @FLOQdesign,

The template used by “Copy All Links” is currently built-into Hook itself. However, it would be more consistent with the Hook design philosophy to allow that to be configurable. I’ll discuss with the team.

For others who might not know this, “Copy All Links” and “Copy Link” put various formats of same information in copy buffer, so that what you get when you paste/use it depends on the app. If it’s a RTF editor, you get RTF. If it’s plain text, it’s plain text. You can even “paste” ( ⌘V ) multiple links into Hook and that gives you “Link to Copied Addresses”. (You can do same on a link with ⇧⌘V).

So the “report” is already quite flexible. But configurable would be nice.