Hook productivity videos!

Great news! Lee Garret of My Productive Mac has made a whole bunch of new Hook App Videos. Those videos are on the videos page. And we’ve started adding them to pertinent help pages, while continuing to update the text of the help pages.

I’m sure the majority of current Hook users will find something useful in these new videos. And newbies should definitely check them out. The videos cover many aspects of Hook, from the basics to advanced benefits and use cases, such as Hook’s search tool, using Hook with DEVONthink, sharing links to emails and files over email, and using Hook with problem tracking systems like Trello.

If you watch some of the videos and use Twitter, why not thank/congratulate Lee Garrett (@myproductivemac) over Twitter him for his great work :blush:. He will be doing more videos about Hook; so please feel free to ask him what you’d like to have covered. We’ll dedicate a web page to Lee on our website, and later make another announcement about his roles with CogSci Apps.