Hook + Pinboard.in for iOS users

I’m the creator of Pins, a new Pinboard.in client for iOS/macOS. The app is fairly advanced and supports any number of bookmarks (I’ve got users with 100,000+ links in their account).

I heard about Hook’s recent integration with Pinboard and just wanted to learn more about how you take advantage of that. I’d love to add some UX improvements to help with your mobile workflows.

(This isn’t meant to be an advertisement of my app so I don’t include the link to it here).


Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @anh . Congrats on your new app.
Our Pinboard integration is described here: Using Hook with the Pinboard Bookmarking Service – Hook.
Also, if you’d like Hook users to be able to connect web bookmarks from Hook, there is Information for Developers to Make Their Apps Linkable (API Requirements for Compatibility with Hook) – Hook. For a universal app, it makes sense to use x-callback-url. You could have a look at Hook’s integration with Drafts and Craft, which uses x-callback-url.

I haven’t tried your app, but I imagine users can select bookmarks in your app. So a user might invoke Hook in your app and Copy Link, Copy Markdown Link, and Hook to Copied Link. They all make use of the Get Address script which would need to be added to Hook.

You probably don’t need to provide support for the New Item script (which is used when user invoke Hook to New).

Hi Anh, being able to use Hook with Pins would be amazing!

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