Hook not compatible with Copy 'em Paste?

Hook 1.4.3 (3143) on 10.15.2

Hook is incompatible with the Copy’em Paste app. If Copy’em Paste is running and its menubar icon is visible (normal mode for the app), then if I invoke Hook on a website or other object Hook immediately copies that object’s URL. This means if I then go to a different object with the intent of Hooking the two together, and invoke Hook, Hook will immediately copy that second object’s URL, which makes it impossible to get the first object’s URL off the clipboard to link to the second object.

I’ve tried “blacklisting” Hook in Copy’em Paste with no luck – doesn’t fix the problem. The only way to fix the problem is to quit Copy’em Paste. So I have a choice of using Copy’em Paste normally, or using Hook. Since this seems to be a Hook bug, I prefer not to use Hook at this point.

Update: I deactivated the beta Hook sync feature which seems to be a culprit with the incompatibility. The two apps seem to not be interfering with one another, at least for now.
Update 2: The problem returned; deactivating Hook sync did not actually fix it. Have to either run Hook or run Copy’em Paste but not both together.

Thanks for letting us know, @quorm. You’re right that whatever is happening shouldn’t have anything to do with sync, given that sync does not operate at the UI layer.

Hook doesn’t automatically copy URLs. It sounds like the third party app is triggering Hook somehow. I’m not familiar with Copy’em Paste. One of us at CogSci Apps will have a look – maybe someone else from the forum will get to it first, however.

It seems that Copy’Em Paste is invoking ⌘C immediately when the Hook menubar app is selected. I’ve had both Hook and Copy’Em Paste for quite a while, so something changed recently. I do not recall an update for Copy’Em Paste in recent months – App Store says it was 4 months ago that the app was last updated – so maybe Hook is the culprit.

For completeness, the issue occurs when pressing the Hook activation shortcut (⇧^␣) or when the menu bar is clicked while Hook is configured with the option:

I suspect Hook is for some reason issuing a ⌘C when those events occur, instead of waiting for the user to issue that command.

Thanks for letting us know and for persisting through this.

It isn’t setup to spontaneously do this. We would be getting a lot of complaints if Hook was spontaneously copying stuff, and hence wiping out the user’s clipboard. presumably there is some other source that is triggering a keyboard event to which Hook responds.

We will soon have a look at Copy’em Paste. Meanwhile, I would recommend changing the keyboard shortcut for Hook to see if that makes a difference. And perhaps having a look around your macOS configurations to see if you can identify the a source.

also, if you were to try Hook in a separate macOS user account on the same Mac, you might find that it does not have this issue.

I deleted Copy’em Paste. It was either that or Hook.

I don’t think migrating to a new account to fix a bug is actually very good advice. Just saying.

it was just to help you investigate. We assume this is not a bug with Hook.

I have used both Hook and Copy’em Paste without problems. But today Hook crashed and cannot be reloaded successfully. I do not know the cause, but came here to explore and this might have some connection. I truly hope this can be worked out. I do not want to change my workflow to be without either of these tools. I will follow this thread hopefully…

we’ll look at crash logs – assuming you’ve enabled them to be sent to Microsoft App Center. If not, can you please send us via PIM or email the crash log?

this seems to be related to an issue where the address or title of a persisted Hook entry is nil; that is fixed internally but it’s not yet in the publicly released build. I’ll PIM you for further investigation.

For the public record, Fred reports the issue has gone away. We do have some issue fixes in the next release, as well as new features as I’ve mentioned previously on the forum. Our ETA for next release is revised forward.