Hook New Note into Obsidian Folder

Outside of Obsidian, I hook something to a new note. That new note template is configured as MD. It gets placed in the same Finder folder of the Obsidian vault. When I go into Obsidian, the MD new note is there. However, I cannot invoke Hook on that note within the Obsidian app and go to from where it was originally hooked (e.g. a file folder, calendar event).

I’m ok with this if it’s a known limitation, but maybe I’m missing something. If it is known, I would like to pursue a workaround where the new MD note contains a hyperlink to the hooked item. Is there a way to configure new notes such that they contain a hyperlink to the hooked item?

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This may very much depend on the chosen hook-Obsidian methods
Using Hook with Obsidian – Hook
I am using the “default” method right now.

For me the creation and linking “works” (tested with an Apple Notes note):

  • a file is created within the Obsidian vault assigned for new files.
  • it has a title with the name of the origin
  • has a link in its content back to the origin

What I wished for, however, was …

to be able to

  • change the name of the Obsidian file before creation
  • and to select an Obsidian template for the creation.

Given that Obsidian is an all purpose knowledge manager where one would dump all sorts of information this would greatly enhance the workflow.

Not sure if this is in the reaches of sth “feasible”

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Thank you for your thoughtful reply. Is there a way to configure my new note MD template such the resulting new note will be appended with a hyperlink back to the hooked item?

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