Hook Network files (Finder NAS)

Just downloaded Hookmark and I was hoping to use it to hook large video files on my NAS.

It doesn’t seem possible as I’m getting a “No linkable item found in finder” message.

Is there a workaround to enable Hooking NAS files?



That should work — is it mounted as a normal network drive or does the NAS run software to connect?

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Welcome to the Hookmark Forum , @ericbell, and thanks for asking.

“No linkable item found in finder” message

So that tells me that your trying to invoke Hookmark in Finder.

In my test, On Mac-1 (Running Ventura), I shared a folder called “NAS share test” (System Settings: I turned file sharing on; and I shared that folder)

On Mac-2 ( macOS 12.6.2 (21G320)), in Finder I did ⌘K (connect to server), found that folder, and mounted it, and created a file. Made sure it was selected. I then invoked Hookmark on the file. It showed it’s title. Copy Link worked fine.

  1. what’s the server side software used for sharing?
  2. what OS and version of the OS is on the server side?
  3. What versions of macOS are you using on client side.

Assuming this is all protocol based, it should not make a difference.

Normally for No linkable item found in <App> we refer users first to:

but if Hookmark is working in Finder, this should be fine. To be sure,

  1. please invoke Hookmark in a home directory folder.
  2. please invoke Hookmark on a different file or folder in the NAS. File naming should not be an issue, but to be sure it would be good to ensure there’s no macOS incompatible character in the original filename.

Hookmark’s communication with Finder is pretty simple. So if you’re getting No linkable item found in Finder in a folder and none of the reasons in the link above apply, it may be that for some reason Finder’s AppleScript is not responding properly. The next step would thus be to try some AppleScript outside the context of Hookmark to access the file/folder. From this web page you could do:

  1. Hook to New > Script Editor
  2. paste the following:
tell application "Finder"
	set theItems to selection
	set n to count of theItems
	if n = 1 then
			set ext to name extension of item 1 of theItems
		end try
		get URL of item 1 of theItems
		set thePath to (POSIX path of (target of the front window as string))
		set filepath to "file://" & thePath
	end if
end tell
  1. select a NAS file.
  2. then run the script. The result should return a sane file:// URL

updated at 2023-01-31 14:18 PT with some AppleScript.