Hook Markdown reformatting for Youtube

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First post on this forum so hoping to get some advice on a small ‘nag’ that I have. Not a Hook bug or issue as such I hasten to add!

Ok, so if I grab a hypernink in Markdown from a ‘regular’ website such as Hook own then I get the expected result:

Hookmark – Links beat searching

Perfect, all good!, However, for a Youtube video as below, there is always an annoying number at the start of the web page name. I guess that is outwith our control and just something Youtube does(?), so can anyone suggest a way to strip out this prefix string automatically to tidy it up?

(119) How To Get The Most Out Of Hookmark With Your Setapp Subscription - YouTube

PS - just realised that this is the number of notifications I currently have meaning that I need to keep clearing the notifications before taking a markdown link. Still be good to be able to parse this out of the string :slight_smile:


Welcome to the Hookmark Forum , @alamas

Great minds think alike :wink: . Not only YouTube, but most social media sites add this garbage, such as LinkedIn and Twitter. I hate it too. We plan to clean it. @bshi and I have been discussing it for a long time. Hopefully it will be in Hookmark 6.1. 6.0 enters beta in May.

We might even provide an option to associate regular expressions with titles for particular domains, so that you can provide your own title re-write rules.

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That is brilliant @LucB, thanks a lot for letting me know. Fingers crossed for May!

Kind regards.

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