Hook looking to control Adobe Core Sync.app

The macOS permissions request for Hook to control “Core Sync.app” popped up. Core Sync is a headless app used to manage Adobe Creative Cloud services. There is no reason for Hook to have any interaction with Core Sync. The app has no document windows or documents.

I think this topic translates to a feature request for CogSci Apps to maintain a list of apps, which is consulted by Hook, that are known to be irrelevant to Hook. If an app is on that list, then when the user invokes Hook, Hook would present some notification about the app being incompatible. This would presumably be a tailored version of the current “no valid resource detected” Hook window state, with a status bar message providing additional clarification.

They could be included in Hook > Preferences > Script Editor tab, so that they can

  1. be tailored by user,
  2. updated dynamically by CogSci Apps without users needing to update and relaunch the entire Hook app.

We could also also provide a dedicated web page, or some mechanism, for users to notify us of apps they feel should be excluded from Hook. Rationale: there are thousands of Mac apps. It’s not possible to know a priori which ones are irrelevant, except via user feedback.

All of this will only save the user a one-off step (interacting with the permissions utility). So it’s not a huge time saving for the user. But every bit helps.

modified 2019-03-19 11:33 PT. I’ll need to check with the developers, however, to see if macOS 10.14 would even allow Hook to tell what is the foreground app without first getting permission from the user. suspect it would not. I.e., there is likely a “chicken and egg” situation here.

Sorry: that was not a relevant response.

Hook should only try to control apps that are in the UI foreground. Adobe Core Sync is a headless app, as you say, so it should not ever be the frontmost application, it. You are right therefore right: Hook should therefore never notice let alone try to control it.

It’s probably too long to remember, but do you happen to remember what application you were using when you invoked Hook and it mentioned Core Sync? Have you been able to reproduce this problem?